Founded in 1958 in Trani, Puglia, Manzi Marmi fabricates natural stone ranging from serial to custom designed production; the block material used comes exclusively from Company owned quarries located in Southern Italy. The production cycle is organized in order to guarantee quality and service to the clients with the least impact on the environment with a responsible use of mineral resources. The energy used in the production process is generated by photovoltaic equipment installed inside the factory.

The range of materials are comprised of all the principal typologies of the area: beige, pink, brown, yellow in various tones and shades. The factories and machinery, for the most part, have been developed in house and are continuously renovated and perfected ensuring excellent control during the production. The vertical organization in manufacturing ranking from the extraction of the raw material to the final products, assures constant control in both quality and timely delivery. “Matter” processed today is identical to that which was processed by our ancestors and used in the great works of the past; castles, cathedrals, columns, rosettes, dolmen, menhir, the antique roman roads and the trulli. Many are recognized today by Unesco as part of ‘Humanity’s Heritage’. 

The Trani material is durable and confirmed through laboratory tests to be of high density, low coefficient of absorption, high resistance to abrasion, compression and flection. It’s technical and aesthetic performance is among the best of the natural stones available on the market and it permits for application under the most severe conditions. The collections “Natura” and “Genius” were specifically created to satisfy in a coordinated manner all the construction needs. The typology of the application contains the various types of products useful in realizing noteworthy works such as paving, stairs, walls,steps, coping and cladding for pools,foundations, pilasters, lintels, architectural elements, exterior cladding, roofs etc. In large and small formats, in each of the typologies of finishes, in form and thickness, these products aid designers and contractors to resolve the most disparate construction needs. In case the “weight factor” is of importance, we can offer different solutions, with thin stone on various composite materials to assure lighter weight and easier installation.